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TEGAMO – We are a modern and rapidly growing international company and have been serving the European industrial and recycling market since 1999.

TEGAMO – We not only have a presence in Europe, but we are also expanding to Southeast Asia and South America. We follow our customers throughout the world, which makes us a flexible company with an important position in direct sales and outsourcing of industrial technologies.

TEGAMO – Our team of experts and our focus on emerging new technologies and research are enabling us to be a strong and equally valued partner for our customers.

TEGAMO – We analyze customer needs and offer appropriate solution for:

  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Regeneration and recycling of cutting emulsion
  • Oil purification and filtration
  • Processing, grinding and separation of scraps from machine operation
  • Industrial suction and air filtration


TEGAMO - Our goal is not only to supply our customers with our own patented technologies, but also to offer them related services and advice with the highest level of quality and professionalism.

TEGAMO - Besides recycling technologies, we also provide industrial facility management, and we manufacture and supply interior equipment for industry and shopping chains with complete service and maintenance.

TEGAMO - For our customers we always look for the best and most effective solutions that include quick implementation and financial returns with the ability to take advantage of our outsourcing program.